Women of Faith

Women of Faith_Prayer Post 11-01

Spiritual Snapshot

President Lincoln is credited with saying, “What I am today I owe to my dear mother.”  My mom has been the greatest single influence in my life.  Billy Sunday was a great evangelist 90 years ago who describes his adult conversion experience.  He was a pro baseball player who heard street evangelists playing the hymns his mother sang. He felt God saying, “Return to the faith of your mother!”

Thank the Lord for the influence of godly mothers.  They are ordinary women with extraordinary faith; women like Sarah, Ruth, Deborah, Mary& Martha.  All women will receive a free gift in honor of our moms on Mother’s Day this Sunday.  Our devotional book will explore the lives of these 5 women to reveal how they experienced joy in their journey.  Bless your family & worship together with us this Mother’s Day.

– Pastor John

Prayer Requests

John Bowen at home for conditions related to congestive heart failure.

Christopher Harrison recovery following cancer surgery yesterday and awaiting pathology report.

Those grieving the loss of Gladys Cureton.

Pat and Charles Neuville transition to Brookdale.

The people of Nepal following the earthquake. For Bishwa & Ramila as they minister and give aid to the hurting.

Praise the Lord for Chris Couch’s safe return from Ukraine.  In 2 weeks, they had over 7700 people respond to the Gospel message.