Without Ceasing . . .

Without Ceasing_Prayer Post 1

Spiritual Snapshot

Are you awake? We are officially two and a half weeks removed from the end of the House of Prayer Challenge here at Lazybrook. We’ve  already seen so much fruit from the time spent in prayer and fasting in the lives of the people who took up the challenge, and God continues to bless us for it.  Still, the further away we move from the last night, the harder it becomes to remain focused and “awake” to God’s presence.  Don’t stop. Keep praying and seeking after God’s will. Paul says in 1 Thessalonians 5:17, “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” Meditate on this verse this week and remember that the only true place of joy is in the presence of God.


John Neesley – For continued focus on prayer for those following along with the Breakthrough Prayer book.

May God use our GA Lock In to bless girls. Give strength, patience and love to our GA leaders.

Faithful giving and new tithers. We caught up on some of our budget deficit in Jan.

For Gay Clark and her family as they morn the passing of Sam.

For Jean Stark to continue to progress in her recovery.  She is currently at Kindred.

Steve Bugge’s dad, Harold Bugge (Mem City M6-10) following a stroke. Dealing with congestive heart failure and ulcers.

Judy Dyk, awaiting the doctors’ interpretation of tests & course of action

Judy Austin at home in need of healing of impairments on right side after a stroke.

Nicole Hudgins with health issues & in need of stable Christian growth following her Nov 23rd baptism.

Hal Holcomb (Tranquility Personal Care Home) undergoing rehab & dialysis.

Virginia Mayfield (Windsor 514) recovering from a fall.

Mary Raines at home with back/hip/leg pain.

Deborah Savage at home with family alternating round-the-clock care to help her recover from a brain injury.

Mark Carwile recovering at home after cancer surgery & complications from a hematoma. Grace to overcome discouragement.

Sean Bonte’s sister, Brenda, diagnosed with breast cancer.

Joey Dean – Pray for my friend Ashleigh Range to be healed from breast cancer.  Her cancer is still growing aggressively, despite various chemo treatments. She is coming to Houston Wed-Thurs (2/25-26) to MD Anderson.  Please join us and pray for her that the doctors would help her find a new treatment option, and that her path to a compete recovery would begin now!

Chris Couch – April trip to the Ukraine with the Singing Men of SE Texas

Jim Haney – For Chris Boring’s salvation.

Dena & Charles Heslep – Continued prayer for my former pastor Larry Young; he has been diagnosed with acute leukemia.

Mitzi Hester – Pray for my sister, Frances Powell, she has Alzheimer’s.

Lee Thompson-Walker – Please keep in your prayers my son Lance & his family and my health.

Shirley Villasana – Pray for my sister, Bobbie Dartez, in a nursing home in SW La.

Kelli Martin – Pray for my cousin, Ferral Francis, suffering with Crohn’s disease .

Liz Belinoski – Please continue to pray for my sister Laura, she is struggling with grief and depression following the death of her husband.

Shirley Bilanoski – Please pray for my son’s step grandfather, Chris Jones, recovering from aortic valve surgery and now has failed kidneys.

Sally Syer – Joanne Lang is very ill with Parvo, affecting her joints. She is in a lot of pain.

Bill Hibbs – Pray for me to have relief from the shingles.

Mollie Zumwalt – Please pray for my friend An Chi Lu, she has been diagnosed with several brain tumors.

Nicole Hudgins – Pray for my marriage, my son, my father-in-law’s health and for the strength to fight this lupus.

Julie Wilson – Pray for Rachel Dudley she’s 25 years old, a PET scan shows breast cancer has spread to her liver & bones. She’s married and has 3 small children.

Kenneth & Nancy Williams – Please pray for our friends David & Barbara Binning. David has liver & kidney complications from medications for rheumatoid arthritis he’s been taking for years and his wife Barbara has an aggressive rare form of cancer.

Cliff Hill – Please pray for healing of my eye, I have a bleeding retina that I have had surgery on and it is bleeding again.

Joyce King – Pray for my sister Evelyn and niece Carmen. For my Aunt who has a sore foot that is making it difficult to get around.

Helen Malone – Pray for my friend Saundra with family health issues. Her mom is having knee replacement surgery and her husband Kevin having procedures to stop lung transplant rejection.

Kim Simpson – For a co-worker’s husband, Winn Eastman. I pray for healing and God’s hand to be upon him, he has stage 4 colon cancer.

Becky Chaffin – Please pray for the following girls that will be attending the GA lock-in this weekend: Neida Amaya, Lillian Dossett, Mercedes Garza, Rebecca Lubiano, Gloriana Perez, Emily Smith, Kora Woolley, Alicia, Karina, Laura & Samantha Zamora. I pray for the girls to be covered in God’s love! I pray their parents will see the love of Jesus Christ through them and want to follow Him, as a family.