Sanctuary Repairs (Update #1)

Please take three minutes to watch the video below as we would like to give you a brief update regarding the damage to our sanctuary and our plans for tomorrow (August 23, 2020)…

Due to the damage from Friday’s fire we will be relocating our worship service to the fellowship hall for this Sunday and having two services, one at 9 AM and the other at 11 AM, due to the limited space and social distancing. Both services will be an intimate time of worshipping our great God in this midst of the trial through song, Scripture reading, congregational prayer and the preaching of God’s Word. Please note that for the safety of everyone we will still follow the social distancing practices previously in place (wearing face masks, using hand sanitizer, distanced seating, etc..).

We look forward to worshiping with you!

Soli Deo Gloria,
Pastor Zach

P.S. Due to some of our livestream gear being affected by the fire and subsequent water damage we are unable to livestream tomorrow, but will be recording the service and posting it early next week. 

Many of you have asked if you could help financially, thus we have setup an easy way for you to do this online. Simply enter the amount that you would like to contribute in the form below and click ‘Next.’

Note: While insurance will cover most of the cost of repairing the building, we don’t want to simply ‘make repairs,’ but to use this as an opportunity to make some of the upgrades to the space that have been discussed for a long time.