At Lazybrook Baptist Church, we have lots of different ministries to meet the wide variety of needs and interests of our diverse congregation and community. However, as different as each of our ministries may be, each one is wholly focused on one central purpose- sharing the gospel with those who don’t know Christ, and helping each of us fulfill God’s dreams for our lives.

Nursery Care

“Smileville” is what we call our preschool area, because it is warm, loving, and active place! Children are divided developmentally until their third birthday when they begin to transition to school graded classes. The nursery area is full of fun toys and games, as well as wonderful volunteers! (Click arrow to read more)

Even at the earliest ages, the children in our Nursery hear Christian music and Bible stories. Developmentally appropriately craft activities and games are added to creative play as they begin learning about the world, families, church, and God. Nursery Care is also provided on Sunday nights, Wednesday nights, and for special events as advertised for ages 0-3.
On Wednesday nights at 6:15, P-K and Kindergarten children have a mission focus class called Mission Friends, where they learn about missionaries serving around the world.
The safety and security of our children is something we place special emphasis upon. Parents are asked to sign-in their child(ren) from 0 – K providing any special instruction or information necessary for the proper care of the child. All requests from parents are strictly observed and respected. Each child receives a name tag and parents of nursery age children receive a pager, which allows the nursery to communicate with parents if needed. Access to the nursery is controlled, and only the parent/adult who dropped the child off is allowed to pick them up. All nursery workers have radios to keep them in constant communication with security personnel and staff members on our campus. Each of our volunteers go through a strict background check, and follows a set of policies to ensure that our nursery remains a safe environment for children to enjoy.


Click here to see the Vacation Bible School Video

Children from all over the community flock to our church to be apart of our Chidren’s Programs! At Lazybrook we are dedicated to providing a safe, fun atmosphere where children can consistently engage in activities and events that help them grow spiritually, socially, and intellectually. We have a dedicated staff of screened and trained volunteers who love pouring into children’s lives. (Click arrow to read more) 

Children’s events range from (please list some of the events that children do throughout the year). One of our largest events during the year is our annual Vacation Bible School each July. Our VBS is always an exciting time where kids have lots of fun and are challenged to grow spiritually. No matter what age your kids are, we know that they will find something at Lazybrook which is perfectly suited for their stage in life.


The student ministry at Lazybrook is integral in the life of our church as a whole. The students are not hidden away in some remote building; they serve and lead very visibly in almost every aspect of our church. Lazybrook is a place that is truly dedicated to developing Next Generation Leaders. (Click arrow to read more) 

Our Youth Group gathers primarily on Wednesdays and Sundays. Every Wednesday night at 6:15 pm we have a Worship service led by and specifically for the youth group. Youth Worship consists of awesome worship music and powerful teaching on real life issues that students face. On Sunday mornings at 9:30 we meet upstairs in the Youth Room for Sunday School & Discipleship. On Sunday evenings the Youth Group often gathers for special events and fellowships. During this time we play games, eat great food, make new friends, and have a lot of fun!

Besides our weekly times, the Youth Group has tons of other awesome events throughout the year. These include: Youth Summer Camp, Mission Trips, Community Service Events, Laser Tag Nights, Youth Dinner Theater, Youth Pool Parties, Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl, and many many more!


The young adults are one of the most active groups we have at Lazybrook Baptist Church. Our close knit group of students has grown over the years, and we represent a diversity of interests and passions now- and we are always looking to make new friends and try new things! (Click arrow to read more)

We routinely have deep Bible studies on Sundays (9:30a) and Wednesdays (6:15p). At Lazybrook we really believe in training next-generation leaders; so there are ample opportunities for college students and young professionals to lead and serve using whatever abilities and passions that God has given them. We also do quite a bit together outside of the church, such as: going to conferences, Summer mission trips, retreat weekends, camping, game nights, ski trips, and much more!


Men’s Overflow is the Men’s Ministry at Lazybrook Baptist Church. However, it is not your typical “boy’s club” or just a group of guys that gathers to watch a ballgame. This is a ministry that is focused on engaging and serving every man at Lazybrook Baptist Church. We see it as a ministry to men, not a ministry of men. We have lots of different events throughout the year, aimed at engaging the variety of interests men have in our church. (Click arrow to read more) 

Things such as: Saturday skeet shoots, dove hunts, fishing trips, going to see an Astros or Texans game, pick up games of flag football or softball, and family days in the park. These events are aimed at helping guys find easy and fun ways to build relationships with other men in the church, and providing church members with a non-threatening opportunity to invite their friends to an event. Everything we do in the Men’s Overflow is saturated with the Gospel through prayer, relationship building, intentional discipleship, and a good bit of humor.

Men’s Overflow also puts on one of the church’s largest events of the year- the annual Men’s Fish Fry. We transform the Fellowship Hall to look like a hunting/fishing expo, and always have plenty of amazingly good food and an engaging speaker to encourage and inspire us with God’s Word. There are always awesome door prizes and lots of laughs. This year, the Fish Fry will be on April 23, 2015 at 6:00pm. We hope that you will join us, and who knows, maybe you will win a free spot on our next fishing adventure. After all, we have to go catch the fish before we can fry them!


The Women’s Ministry is a powerful and dynamic group of women, focused on learning more about God’s Word together. (Click arrow to read more) 

This group is an amazing source of support and inspiration for many women at our church. We gather every Wednesday night at 6:15 pm for prayer and Bible Study. The Women’s Ministry also puts on special luncheons and dinners throughout the year, where we connect with each other and learn how to become the women that God wants us to be. We also take every chance we get to hang out, eat a meal together, go shopping, and support one another through whatever is going on in life. The women’s ministry also attends conferences regularly during the year, such as the Women Of Faith and other various Bible study events.

Senior Adults

The Senior Adult Ministry is dedicated to providing opportunities for senior adults (55+ years) to come together for Spiritual growth, encouragement, fellowship, and fun! Senior adults are valuable members of Lazybrook Baptist Church, and are vital to our mission and ministry. (Click arrow to read more) 

For Spiritual growth, we have Sunday School classes for both men and women at 9:30 am every Sunday. There is also a Senior Adult Bible Study every Wednesday evening at 4:00 pm.

For fellowship and fun, the Senior Adult Ministry hosts a game night on the second Friday night of every month at 6:00 pm. We come together for a pot luck dinner and then have a variety of games to play. We also have special events throughout the year starting with out Senior Adult Focus Week luncheons in January. We have a group birthday party for everyone in August and a Christmas Banquet in December. When we come together, we have a great time of fellowship, prayer, and encouraging one another.


“Praise the Lord. How good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise Him!” Psalm 147:1. (Click arrow to read more) 

One of the greatest joys we have as Christians is the praise and worship of Almighty God. The music ministry of Lazybrook is dedicated to leading the church in singing praises to God and worshipping Him through a variety of opportunities.

The greatest opportunity is our Sunday morning worship service. Our worship service consists of a variety of musical styles along with prayer times and hearing from God’s Word. We are lead in worship by our Praise Team and Choir. The Lazybrook Choir is made up of men and women of all ages, who all share a passion for praising God through songs! The Choir not only leads during our regular worship services, but also for special musicals during Christmas and Easter. The Music Ministry also has opportunities to serve behind the scenes through our Audio/Visiual Team, who run all the technology for our worship services.

Our goal is to provide a positive experience that promotes musical and spiritual growth for each member of the family of God. Let us exalt His name together!


Here at Lazybrook, we have a strong tradition of being dedicated to Missions. We believe whole heartedly that Jesus is calling each of us to take part of spreading the Gospel and fulfilling the Great Commission. We engage in mission opportunities in our own community as well as to the far reaches of the globe! (Click arrow to read more) 

Houston has been rated as the #1 most culturally diverse city in the nation. Because of that, we don’t have to travel to India, Butan, or Pakistan to engage with people from those cultures. All we have to do is drive down the street! At Lazybrook we are constantly looking for opportunities to share the gospel with the new neighbors in our communities- wether it is working with Bhutanese refugees in south Houston, or striving to cross cultural borders with Urban Catalyst Ministries. We also seek to equip each one of our members to share the gospel with the people God has already put in their lives- family members, coworkers, neighbors, and friends. If you want to show the love of Jesus to your community, then Lazybrook is a place that can help you make that happen!

We also engage in many mission trips throughout the year. We consistently partner with One Mission Ministries in Matamoros, Mexico. We also take trips all over the nation and world as various opportunities arise, including (but not limited to): San Angelo, TX; Rainsville, AL; Providence, RI; and various places in Southeast Asia.

For more information about specific Mission Opportunities, please check our our “Serve” page.


Here at Lazybrook Baptist Church, we understand the importance that a foundation of prayer plays in the health of a church. We encourage every member to be actively praying for our community, church, members, missionaries, and pastoral/leadership team. (Click arrow to read more) 

We have a special Prayer Room located in the church where Prayer Volunteers are able to come and spend time focused on praying for our church members and their requests/needs. We also have a rotating team of people who pray during our Sunday morning worship service- thus we are able to pray immediately when someone submits a prayer request during church.

The Prayer Ministry also has several points throughout the year where we place special emphasis upon prayer. We will sometimes bring in a guest speaker for Sunday Morning Worship to challenge us with new and exciting ways to pray. Our annual Church Revival Week is often focused on encouraging members to be people of prayer. We also have a special event during the National Day Of Prayer every year, where we walk the neighborhoods around our church praying for people as opportunities arise, and praying for our community the whole time!