Mayday_Prayer Post 13-01


Spiritual Snapshot

In 1923 a London senior radio officer needed a term to express urgent distress that was understood by both English & French pilots flying between London and Paris.  He came up with the anglicized spelling of the French pronunciation of the word “m’aider” which means “help me”.  It is repeated 3 times to distinguish itself as a call for urgent assistance.

Memorial weekend is a time of reflecting upon many soldiers who used the “Mayday” call.  They were in urgent need for military assistance and divine support.  Years ago I visited a former WW2 pilot.  He shared that the moment his engine was shot out, he grabbed his military-issued New Testament and read the first verse that he turned to “everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”  Later that soldier was rescued from his downed plane, but also saved for eternity.  He called upon the Lord for help.

We are thankful for all who served our country to guarantee our freedoms.  God hears our distress calls (Ps 118:5-7) & He helps us!  Join us Sunday as we honor veterans & discover how to access divine assistance.

– Pastor John

Prayer Requests

John Bowen at NW Mem ICU #6 for an infection & congestive heart failure.

Christopher Harrison recovery following cancer surgery and for future follow up appointments.

Pat and Charles Neuville transition to Brookdale.

Jayne Pascoe for wrist surgery Friday.

Doris Gilliam for medical tests & a procedure Friday.

Pastor’s niece Bonnie Waters had her roof blown off in a tornado last night in Bridgeport, TX.

4 year old Abigail Tettleton (TCH PICU) had a liver transplant Monday.