Godly Communication

Godly Communication_Prayer Post 10-01

Spiritual Snapshot

Have you heard that railroad cars were blown off the tracks by strong winds in New Orleans on Monday?  Someone asked me, “Why is weather so turbulent in your hometown?”  I answered, “I guess because the mouth of the Mississippi River meets the Gulf of Mexico.”  Then we laughed because there seems to be so much turbulence around the mouth.

Someone has expressed it lyrically, ” I’m careful of the words I say to keep them soft and sweet. I never know from day to day which ones I’ll have to eat.”  Have you ever said something that you regret?  I have.  What helps us to restrain our lips?

Ephesians 5:18 calls us to be filled with the Spirit.  So much of the chapter 4 deals with the showing the Spirit’s power through godly communication.  Unwholesome, unedifying speech leads to grieving the Holy Spirit (Eph 4:30).  Can you find insight into improving your interpersonal conversation?  Yes, the unity of your family and the harmony of your church depends upon it.   Join us Sunday as we seek redemption from past verbal mistakes and empowerment to follow God’s plan for relational communication.

– Pastor John

Prayer Requests

John Bowen at home for conditions related to congestive heart failure.

Jean Bowen’s daughter Mia following a very extensive surgery yesterday.

Those grieving the loss of Gladys Cureton.  The family is working on funeral arrangements.

Pat Neuville at home recovering from surgery to repair her broken right femur as well as bone & renal cancer. Pray for upcoming decisions regarding residential options.

Jean Stark at home recovering from colon surgery. Having blood pressure problems, feet swelling.

The people of Nepal following the earthquake. For Bishwa & Ramila as they minister and give aid to the hurting.