Discovery Team Updates

What are the purpose and goal of the Discovery Process?

PURPOSE: The purpose for the Discovery Process is to seek God’s will for the future of Lazybrook Baptist Church through studying His’ Word and analyzing feedback from both the congregation and other sources (demographic analyses, community feedback, etc…).

GOAL: The goal of the Discovery Process is to present a clear plan, to be voted on by the church body, of what we must do to be a healthy, active and vibrant community of faith that is successfully reaching the lost and teaching them to join with us in the process of becoming mature and ministering worshippers of God (discipleship).

How can I be a part of the Discovery Process?

Step 1: The first step in being a part of the Discovery Process is to watch the Discovery Team Virtual Town Hall Meeting that took place on Sunday, July 19 as part of the service. We encourage all members to watch this 10 minute video!

Step 2: Do you have any questions that were not answered in the Virtual Town Hall video above? Please let us know via one of the options below…

Note: After submitting your question please allow time for the Discovery Team to meet, compile the questions and provide their responses.

Step 3: Participate in our Congregational Survey…

Note: The online survey is preferred when possible as it makes tabulating the results much easier. However, if you prefer paper, please do not hesitate to ask as we truly want to hear from all of our congregants.