Please use this page to remain updated, inform us of any needs that you are aware of, volunteer your time to help those in need, give financially and be encouraged by God’s Word.

Recent Church Updates

  • Sanctuary Repairs (Update #3)
    As you know by now, our church steeple was struck by lightning this past Friday, August 21st. While the damage was extensive we are thankful that nobody was injured, that the damages were not nearly as bad as they could have been and that the repairs should mostly be covered by insurance! Check out this […]
  • Sanctuary Repairs (Update #2)
    Many of you have asked if you could help financially, thus we have setup an easy way for you to do this online. Simply enter the amount that you would like to contribute in the form below and click ‘Next.’ Note: While insurance will cover most of the cost of repairing the building, we don’t […]
  • Sanctuary Repairs (Update #1)
    Please take three minutes to watch the video below as we would like to give you a brief update regarding the damage to our sanctuary and our plans for tomorrow (August 23, 2020)… Due to the damage from Friday’s fire we will be relocating our worship service to the fellowship hall for this Sunday and having two services, one at 9 […]
  • Coronavirus Update (August 12, 2020)
    Dear Church Family, This coming Sunday, August 16th at 11:00 AM, we will be opening our doors for in-person worship services again. Please check out the video and text below for further details… We will mostly be following the same safety guidelines that we followed in June with a few exceptions. One of those exceptions is that we will only […]

Weekly Connections

How do I remain connected to Lazybrook Baptist Church during this time?

That is a great question and we have great news! We have created numerous ways to remain connected and build community throughout the week. The most important way to remain connected it to join a Small Group. So, click here and check out the Small Groups that we offer.

Note: Click here for detailed instructions on how to access the groups that are meeting virtually.

How can I be a part of the worship services?

We have begun having in-person worship services again on Sunday, August 16 and would love to have you join us. We have one service Sundays at 11 AM. Click here for details on the precautions that we are taking for our in-person services.

For those unable to join us in-person we will be live-streaming our services on both our website and YouTube.

How do I connect with my Small Group?

Our small groups are continuing to meet at this time in various ways (online, in-person, hybrid) and on various days. Click here for further details regarding which groups are meeting at what time and by what means.

Online Documents and Forms

Do you know of someone who needs assistance? Please click here and complete our online assistance request.

Are you willing to volunteer and assist individuals who are in need during this time? Click here and complete our volunteer opportunity form.

Do you or someone you know lack the device or internet connection necessary to worship with us online? Click here to request a DVD of our worship service.

Encouragement From God’s Word

Need some encouragement? Go back an re-listen to our series entitled God Is Greater…

When COVID-19 began we, called an audible, and walked through this six week series to remind us that, despite everything going on, God is greater than coronavirus, loneliness, unrest, fear, worry and distress.

Encouraging Verses

Helpful Articles

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Give Online

Your tithes and offerings are what allow us to focus our time, energy and resources on taking care of both our congregation and community during this time. While we are not able to collect the offering during our worship service, please take time give online so that we can continue ministering to our community.

Click here to give online.

Looking for something to do?

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS), Pastor Zach’s Alma Mater, is offering FREE online classes with some of their seminary professors. Seriously, they are FREE! So, rather than sit and watch Netflix while practicing ‘social distancing’ why not dive into a class on Theology and Culture, Interpreting and Teaching the Bible, Christian Theology or one of many other classes? If you complete one of these classes be sure to tell Pastor Zach as we have it on good authority that he will give you an outstanding high five when we are able to commence meeting on site again!

Click here to view class options and register!

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