Coronavirus Update (May 9, 2020)

Facility Re-Opening Video

Join Pastor Zach Brackett as he discusses Lazybrook Baptist Church’s plan to reopen the church building in phases.

Facility Re-Opening Plan

Dear Church Family,

We are so glad to announce that we are moving towards re-opening the church facility! It has been a long couple of months and we must still proceed with caution, but it will not be long before we can see each other again IN PERSON. 

Our plan is to re-open the facility in two phases. In ‘Phase 1’ we will enable Small Groups to begin meeting on campus on weekday evenings, beginning May 17th. In “Phase 2” we will gather together for corporate worship beginning Sunday, June 7th. Here are the Guidelines for both Phase 1 and Phase 2: 

Phase 1: Small Groups May Resume On Campus Beginning May 17th

  • Each Small Group should determine if they would like to begin meeting in person on a weekday evening or if they would like to continue meeting online for the time being.
  • Small Groups that would like to meet in-person on a weekday evening will contact Lena Segovia to reserve either the Syer Building or the Fellowship Hall which will be set up for proper social distancing. Note: Because of multiple worship services beginning June 7th and social distancing practices, we cannot accommodate on-campus Small Groups on Sunday mornings at this time.
  • Precautions: 
    • Masks are recommended to be worn by everyone in attendance. 
    • Hand sanitizer will be provided. 
    • Touchless greetings are encouraged (no handshakes or hugs).
    • No items shall be passed person to person such as paper, pens, or books. 
  • Restrooms: Persons attending small groups are encouraged to use the restroom before they come. If necessary, please use the restrooms near the kitchen.
  • No childcare will be provided during small group meetings.
  • Groups that meet on campus will be asked to properly sanitize their meeting space after their meeting. Note: Supplies will be provided.

Phase 2: Corporate Worship Services Beginning Sunday, June 7th

  • Service Times: To insure proper social distancing, we will begin with two worship services at 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM.
  • Seating: In order to maintain social distancing, every other pew will be left empty and we will maintain at least 6 feet of space between family units in the remaining pews.
  • Other Precautions:
    • We recommend that all attendees wear masks.
    • Hand sanitizer will be provided. 
    • Touchless greetings are encouraged (no handshakes or hugs).
    • No items shall be passed person to person during the worship service (e.g. bulletins, offering plates, etc…).
  • Entry and Exit: We ask that all attendees enter the building through the parking lot entrance and exit through the 18th Street exit at the rear of the sanctuary. Accommodations will be made for inclement weather.
  • Restrooms: Only the restrooms in the sanctuary foyer will be open, though attendees are encouraged to use the restroom before arriving on campus. Restrooms will be cleaned in-between services.
  • No Childcare will be provided at this time.

It should be noted that because of the restrictions involved with social distancing guidelines, we will not be able to resume the Van Ministry at this time and normal Wednesday night activities are still on hold. We will, however, use this time to reach out to the families of children served by our van ministry and encourage them to join us for worship on Sundays. Even though we aren’t quite getting back to ‘normal,’ this is definitely something that we can celebrate together. Before the coronavirus outbreak, there were a lot of exciting things happening at Lazybrook Baptist Church!

Even throughout the time that we haven’t been able to gather in person we’ve seen God’s hand at work. New members have still been able to join small groups, more people are seeing our worship service than ever before, and the Gospel is still being proclaimed. We are still on the mission that God has called us to. Soon, we will be able to continue in this good work that God has given us and we’ll be able to do it physically standing side by side. We are looking forward to that day coming soon! 

Grace and Peace to You,

Lazybrook Baptist Church Staff

Facility Re-Opening Ingographic

For those that would prefer a visual illustration of our Facility Re-Opening Guidelines, check out the infographic below. Or, click here to download a PDF of the document.