Coronavirus Update (March 18, 2020)

Video Update

Written Update

Dear Lazybrook Family, 

This has been a different kind of week in the life of our church. We have faced trying times in  our community before but this is a unique challenge. After Hurricane Harvey hit, we knew exactly what needed to be done: gather God’s people together and mobilize to help the community. But as we work to limit the spread of the coronavirus, gathering together in a large group is one of the things we cannot do.

Our task now is to discern how we can continue to be the church for one another and for our community as we work to tackle this particular challenge. For the foreseeable future, all regularly scheduled activities at the church have been postponed. This includes all Sunday    and Wednesday night activities. However, just because the gathering has been postponed doesn’t mean that worship is postponed. We will still hold a worship service online at 10:45 am each Sunday. For those in our congregation who are unable to stream the service online, we  will distribute DVDs of the service.

We are also working on other ways to stay connected and maintain fellowship during this time. For example, our deacons will be contacting our senior adults on a weekly basis to make sure they are being cared for. If you are in a small group, you should expect to hear from your small group leaders on a regular basis. Right now we are working on plans to help small groups stay connected to one another during the week using some of the incredible technology now available to us.

In the coming days we will also begin sharing online resources for ministry to families and children. This will include video Bible lessons for kids as well as activity pages and discussion guides for parents to use with their kids.

Finally, we have set up a page on our website devoted to keeping us all informed about updates and resources related to coronavirus ( This page contains links to important articles, our online worship service, church-life updates, and online giving. There is also a link to a form for people to request assistance and a form for people to volunteer to help.

Once again, this is not a moment for fear but it is a moment for caution. With your help, we will continue to find ways to be the church for one another in this time. Keep praying for each other and keep praying for Lazybrook Baptist Church.

May Christ’s peace be with you, 

LBC Staff