Coronavirus Update (June 6, 2020)

Hey Church Family,
I’ve got some exciting news; TOMORROW we will be worshiping together in-person at both 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM [Insert thunderous applause and cheers]! I don’t know about you, but I am extremely excited to see each of you, to join our voices as we worship God through song, to pray and read God’s Word together and begin our new sermon series entitled Galatians: Freedom Through Christ. While we are beginning to re-open our facility, that does not mean that we are ‘back to normal.’ I want to remind you of a few of the things that we are doing to protect your physical health while encouraging your spiritual growth… 

  • Touchless Greetings – Our greeters will greet you at the door with much enthusiasm and gusto, but will refrain from high-fives, hugs, noogies and other forms of contact.
  • Face Masks – We are asking everyone to please wear face masks while in the building, so please bring and wear a mask. Bonus points will be awarded if your mask has a smiley face or some other design on it! Note: We will have a few masks available for those who may be in need of one.
  • Hand Sanitizer – Everyone will get a free ‘squirt’ of hand sanitizer as they enter the sanctuary. What can I say? We’re generous.Socially
  • Distanced Seating – A Seating Attendant will help guide you to a seat that is properly social distanced. Seating Attendants are sort of like flights attendants, but won’t be bringing refreshments halfway through the service. Sorry.
  • Restrooms – We encourage everyone to ‘take a pit-stop’ at their home before coming to church; however, the restrooms at the rear of the sanctuary will be open ‘in case of emergency.’
  • Childcare – No childcare will be provided at this time. Feel free to bring crayons, coloring pages, puzzles, etc.. for your children as they get to join us for corporate worship.

Now that you are all ready, I cannot wait to see y’all TOMORROW as we begin diving into the book of Galatians (one of my favorite books). In Galatians we will see that; the gospel says Satan incarcerates, but Jesus liberates and that, by grace through faith, Jesus brings salvation, freedom and unity! As a result of this, we are no longer slaves to our sin, but sons and daughters of God. As a result of God’s grace, which cannot be earned by our good works, we are to be led by the Spirit; putting aside the fruit of the flesh and putting on the fruit of the Spirit! 

Soli Deo Gloria,

Pastor Zach