Spiritual Snapshot Let’s imagine that you witness a building on fire. The entire thing is consumed with flames and someone needs to do something about it. You quickly decide to grab a bucket filled with water to go put the fire out. Unfortunately, a single bucket filled with a miniscule amount of water really will […]

Time To Act

Spiritual Snapshot This past week was the dreaded “spring forward” Sunday. It was the day when we all begrudgingly had to set our clocks an hour forward because of day light savings time. What would happen if you chose not to change your clock? Naturally, you would be an hour behind everyone else and would […]

Lift Up

Spiritual Snapshot Have you ever watched someone run a marathon? Have you seen someone grind it out mile after mile? Running in this manner can exhaust a runner’s body to the point of wanting to give up. That’s where the “on lookers” come in. All along the race path people stand cheering the runners on […]

Without Ceasing . . .

Spiritual Snapshot Are you awake? We are officially two and a half weeks removed from the end of the House of Prayer Challenge here at Lazybrook. We’ve  already seen so much fruit from the time spent in prayer and fasting in the lives of the people who took up the challenge, and God continues to […]

Welcome to the Prayer Wall

Lazybrook Baptist Church seeks to be a house of prayer. Click on the post heading and you will find a spiritual snapshot about the life of the church and a list of weekly prayer requests. Please contact the church office if you would like to add a request to the list.